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Dear Friends,
12 years into loving herbs and I am still looking forward to the next herbal remedy that I can share with others. I have learned a great deal through reading books and by experimenting on my self but I have also had great teachers and mentors along the way. I believe that by working with others you gain special knowledge you might not otherwise thought of, therefore you gain new insight on not just herbs but also the people you are around. My goal in life is to gain as much knowledge as I can from any resources I can about herbs, making herbal remedies & healing yourself using those remedies. Then turning around and sharing all of the knowledge that I have gained with as many individuals as who will listen.
I currently work with local people by teaching willing students the art of herbal remedies. I mainly teach herbal science courses but also teach herbology classes too. I am working on getting classes up and running that have to do with field work. My goal is to find the resources to build a fun and adventurous wild crafting & native medicinal plant walks. I have been asked several times what certain herbs look like and if they grow in our area and how can they be sure it’s the right plant. I believe the most important and best way to learn anything; especially about herbs is a hands on learning. By doing is knowing! So these kinds of classes are my next main project.
My business is lovely and small. I am the single person that runs my business out of my home. You can most likely find me in my office/store/kitchen working on the next set of herbal products. My products are available through mail order, website, craft fairs, our local Oroville Farmers Market & county local holiday Bazaars’. Or you can give me a buzz on the telie and I will be glad to speak with you!

My little haven that I have got here and is also where I call home, is just under 13 acres and at just under 4,500 feet above sea level. I live in what we call around here, the Okanogan Highlands area. My closest historical town is Molson but don’t be fooled about the historical part, people still live there. Due to the high elevation I am very limited to what I can grow in my herb and vegetable gardens so when the right seasons come I take a trek off into the forests and to farms near me and start wild crafting the herbs I can’t grow myself. I guess you can say most of my inventory and herbals consist of wild crafted herbs. Even though I get a nice harvest of certain herbs there are still herbs in my area that I can’t get or just can’t find so I supplement my herb inventory with high quality herbs grown or wild crafted by other farmers in different regions.
I hope that all of you have wonderful experiences with herbs and herbal products and wish you the happiest times herbing.

Many Happy Wishes!!

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Although some herbs can be used for certain ailments None of the products offered on the website are intended to replace the advice of a medical professional or intended as prescriptions to treat health problems.  Herbs must be used by those with knowledge and discretion.  We do not advise you to self diagnose or self medicate, and you should probably ask your doctor about some of the herbs you would like to try, as some herbs can interact with some medications you may be taking. We advise you, if you have any continuing symptoms to definitely seek the medical advice of your doctor.  We are not claiming that any of the herbs mentioned will cure you from any disease or ailment, but we believe they can help you heal.  Also some herbs whether taken internally or externally can cause allergic reactions in some people and should be used with caution if you have a history of allergies, or being allergic to some plants.  If you know you are allergic to certain plants you can look up their scientific names to see if they are in the same family as some of the herbs mentioned.  We aren’t responsible for individual reactions to our products or the herbs used in our products.


Since we are a small business please don’t be alarmed by out of stock items. If your cart does not inform you of the out of stock items, you will recieve an email letting you know the items is not available or when it will be available.